Famine, disease and poverty are beyond comprehension for many. Yet globally, millions face these hardships on a daily basis. Help the Hungry recognizes the dire need in some of the world's poorest countries.

Although the suffering is global, the only effective way to ensure it's alleviated is to reach out on a local level.

Help the Hungry volunteers travel to poverty-stricken regions bringing humanitarian aid to those who need it the most. We distribute food, clothing, medicine and other basic essentials directly to struggling families. Help the Hungry also builds water wells in villages that lack clean water and distributes mosquito nets in malaria-prone areas.

We welcome donations for permanent infrastructure improvements. Something as simple as a water-well in a village, a bridge across a river, or a school within waking distance can give hundreds of families a fighting chance at breaking the cycle of poverty.

Help the Hungry can make that happen. All it takes is your compassion and willingness to help.

It is inconceivable to most of us that a child would work long hours to help feed his family or travel great distances just to fulfill the most basic of needs, like access to safe drinking water. When children acquire adult responsibilities instead of an education, they are doomed to the same circumstances that trapped their parents and grandparents.

We encourage you or your organization to consider making a permanent change in the lives of the less fortunate. Contact us to learn more.

This is a child we met during the 2001 HTH humanitarian aid trip. He was literally trapped inside this flooded hut with his two small brothers.

Sitting on a make-shift wooden platform, inches from the rising water, he told us his father had died, his mother had left them, and his grandmother had gone in search of food.

HTH is proud to report the despair on his face soon turned to hope when our volunteers handed him enough relief supplies to survive the monsoon season.

A father wades in the same waist-deep water that fills his home. With nowhere to turn for help, he and his family are forced to ride out the rising waters the best way they know how — to wait.

They wait for the flooding to subside.

These rural farmers live off the land and their home is all they have. There are no shelters, no free meals and no financial aid. All they can do is pray that the rain stops. But until it does, they're forced to bathe, drink and fish from the same dirty water that surrounds them.

HTH recognizes this struggle to survive and is committed to bringing humanitarian aid to areas that need it the most.

These children are fortunate enough to live on dry land.

Yet, their bare feet clearly illustrates the poverty in which they dwell. HTH volunteers fitted them with donated shoes, but it is only one item in a long list of needs.

They are among millions who can benefit dramatically from nutritional food and the survival tools needed to prevent disease and tooth decay. HTH understands the importance of prevention and provides these essentials, so the young can have a better chance at a brighter future.