Imagine this is your child.

He is among millions worldwide facing malnutrition and disease. For those living in extreme poverty, hunger is a daily battle. But they don't have to fight it alone.

Help the Hungry is working to stop this deadly cycle. Our mission is to distribute food, clothing, medicine and other basic essentials directly to needy children and their families.

Famine, disease and poverty are hardships no one should have to endure. Yet, it is a harsh reality played out daily in the lives of millions who lack food, shelter, and medical attention.

Help the Hungry recognizes the dire need in some of the world's poorest countries. Together, we can give struggling families a hand up, so that they can improve their lives.

You can improve lives.

Help the Hungry has assisted thousands of families. Our global mission is to relieve human suffering by providing aid to the less fortunate.

Food, clothing, medicine and basic essentials serve as a lifeline to families facing extreme hardships. These necessities also provide those in need with hope, while recognizing their dignity and ability to solve their own problems.

We believe helping relieve human suffering is a calling we all must follow, whether you give of your time or your money. By distributing humanitarian aid during the most desperate of times, we are demonstrating the power of human kindness.

Please help us... Help the Hungry.