Why We Help                                                     
The need for shelter: Where will these families spend the next few months? Those lucky enough to have escaped deadly monsoons are often forced to live in makeshift shelters on the nearest dry piece of land.
Many homes are filled with waist-deep water for months on end. Families are often trapped inside as the as the floodwaters continue to rise.
Like humans, livestock also face the same struggle to stay above water.
The need for nutrition:
With roads to the nearest market washed away, families must rely on the floodwaters for food. Fish and even field mice can be seen drying on racks just inches above the flood waters.
The need for healthcare and clothing:
Perennial poverty creates chronic health problems for both the young and the old. From tooth decay to preventable illnesses, many of us cannot imagine being so poor that basic necessities are considered luxury items.
           How We Help                                                                              
Your contributions allow relief supplies to be delivered directly to those in need.

Help the Hungry assists thousands of people just like these rise above annual flooding and devastating poverty.

These are the unforgettable faces that remind us why we must all reach out to those in need.

Together, we can help alleviate despair by replacing it with hope.